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Brachioplasty or arm lift is a plastic surgery procedure designed to remove redundant, flabby, and sagging skin folds from your upper arms. Hanging arm skin folds are not only unsightly, they also interfere with your ability to fit in sleeved tops, as well as causing underarm skin rashes and irritation. Many patients are taking advantage of arm lift surgery to dress in style and that is why the popularity of this procedure has tripled since 2000. Arm Lift surgery can be performed on a variety of patients, including patients who need minimal toning, and the best candidates are men or women who are in good health maintaining a stable weight through proper diet and lifestyle.

Armlift Surgery (Brachioplasty) Overview

The majority of candidates for brachioplasty are those have lost weight. While losing weight allows patients to reap many health and psychological benefits, one drawback is the sagging skin that hangs from the arms and other parts of the body after their weight loss. Many of these patients complain that their arms feel and look like wings and this can restrict motion. Because the skin has lost its elasticity following years of obesity, no amount of diet or exercise can restore firmness and tone to the arms. Other brachioplasty candidates are those who have developed upper arm flabbiness due to the loss of elasticity that accompanies aging, genetics, or chronic tanning.

Fortunately, an arm lift can help restore your ability to wear sleeveless clothing without feeling self-conscious. If you are embarrassed by the way your arms look and you are constantly hiding them with under concealing clothing, call us today and schedule a consultation with Dr. Pirayesh. He will offer you the freedom of a lifestyle that you have not been able to enjoy in a long time by giving you beautifully contoured upper arms. Dr. Moelleken not only has a brilliant understanding of the human anatomy, with his surgical expertise and artistic touch he will help you realize any and all of your aesthetic goals.

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