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The longlasting results of breast augmentation are not limited to just physical changes as data documents that many patients enjoy substantial psychological benefits as well. Many women desire larger, full breasts, as a representation of their femininity and breast augmentation is the safest method of achieving this goal. There are numerous options when considering breast augmentation including surgical incision, type of incision, implant size, implant shape, and implant profile. In order to achieve a sati sfying and aesthetically pleasing surgical experience, it is very important during your initial consultation to communicate openly and honestly about your wishes, medical history, and long-term goals.

Once Dr. Piryesh understands your hopes and expectations, he will explain the various options and the best aesthetic approach for you will be determined. He believes every cosmetic procedure is based on trust and he is committed to your satisfaction.


Breast augmentation is usually performed as an outpatient procedure and the surgery typically takes one to three hours depending on complexity and additional procedures. Using light general anesthesia, you will be medicated during your surgery so you will not experience any discomfort. Incisions are made in as inconspicuous an area as possible usually under the breast itself to minimize visible scarring. During the breast augmentation procedure, Dr. Pirayesh will lift your breast tissue and insert the implant. He will then center it beneath the nipple either under the breast (submammary) or under the breast and chest muscle (subpectoralunder. A sub glandular placement does not involve the muscles of your chest as the insertion is beneath the breast tissue only and the fatty tissue within your breast gives your implants a more realistic feel.
Dr Pirayesh also masters the partial sub glandular placement or “ dual plane breast augmentation”, the implant is inserted behind your breast tissue but the pectoral and chest muscles are involved to a degree. This procedure causes your breasts to feel and look natural and once your implants are placed, your incisions are closed using surgical tape and tiny sutures.

Risks and Recovery

Depending on the extent of your surgery, most patients are able to return to work within a week post operatively. After a recovery period of 24 to 48 hours, you may experience soreness and swelling for a few weeks. You should take any prescribed medications as this will help control the pain, manage your swelling, and avoid undue scarring. Wearing the proper supportive Bra given to you by Amsterdam Plastic Surgery will also help you heal and you may find that sleeping in a slightly reclined position will help any swelling subside more quickly. As with any surgery, there are risks. Breast augmentation complications are rare but include scarring,  infection, bleeding, loss of sensation, and slow healing. You can minimize your chance for these problems by following the pre and post surgical instructions and guidelines provided by Dr. Pirayesh and his professional staff.

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