Permanent, natural solutions and treatments against hair loss

Permanent, natural solutions and treatments against hair loss


Medikemos Hair Transplantation

Our Clinic

Dr Lupanzula will welcome you to Medikemos Hair Transplantation, located in the heart of Brussels, in a new designer setting that will provide you with the discretion you deserve and respect your privacy.

To make your stay comfortable, the clinic has been well equipped with rooms including all the latest tools and technologies, such as advanced surgical microscopes. We value and practice meticulous hygiene very strictly, especially in terms of our facilities, staff and sterilization in order to safeguard your health, ensure your comfort and assure you the best possible hair transplantation experience under the best conditions.

Our spacious consulting rooms are equipped with diagnostic equipment and our waiting rooms are set up with a professional but relaxing atmosphere. Our team is always at your service and dedicated to your needs, ready to deal with your requests and respond to your concerns.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help make you look good and feel happy about yourself. Hair transplantation surgery alone will not make you feel good about yourself. It demands that the care you receive is provided with compassion and full attention to details.

Seeing you happy and feeling good about yourself is what we are aiming at. And you will have our full attention as we try to make you feel comfortable during this transformation. With this vision and approach, along with our qualified team, we hope to make your procedures a safe, comfortable and successful experience.


When you’ve made your decision, we will set a date for the procedure.

An informed consent form will be given to you at least fifteen days prior to surgery, to be signed the day of surgery. Our staff will go over the general rules as well as your customized procedure. This part of the process will give you a summary of the decisions taken regarding the overall strategy for your surgery including the area to be covered during the procedure.

Generally, the operation will begin early in the day and end late in the afternoon or evening. For patients from abroad, it is desirable to be present the day before surgery to be fresh and rested on the day of the surgery.

About us

Dr Emorane Lupanzula graduated from the Catholic University of Louvain, obtaining his Doctorate in Medicine, Surgery and Obstetrics.

In 2004 Dr Lupanzula felt called to the practice of hair transplantation during the reconstruction of a burn patient in the major burn care centre in Loverval (Belgium).

The reconstruction of the patient’s hair was a success. This case inspired Dr Lupanzula to learn more about hair transplantation.

As a result, he undertook training in the United States. He worked with the best practitioners and specialists in hair restoration, whom gave him considerable help. At their side he learned the technique of follicular hair transplantation.

He continued this professional development and then obtained the Inter-University Diploma in restorative surgery for the treatment of baldness at the University Claude Bernard Lyon in France.

Dr Lupanzula is familiar with the advanced techniques and practices FUT (STRIP), FUE, BHT, scar revision and plug removal.

Since 2006, Dr Lupanzula keeps on follow through Continued Medical Education “CME” provided by the ISHRS (International Society of Hair Restoration Surgeons) to improve his knowledge in a field constantly developing, following new studies and research.

Dr Lupanzula consults in Brussels as well as in France, Spain and England. Multilingual, the doctor is fluent in French, English and Spanish.


Medikemos Hair Transplantation

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